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About .es Domain Names

The .es country code top-level domain name (ccTLD) is an extension representing Spain and espaƱol. Domain names with the .es extension are useful for companies or individuals who want to reach the growing number of Internet users in Spain and the global Spanish-speaking community. Registering a .es domain name gives you regional recognition and an easy-to-manage Web presence.

The information below also applies to the following country-code second-level domain names (ccSLDs):

  • .com.es — Intended for commercial entities
  • .nom.es — Intended for personal names
  • .org.es — Intended for noncommercial entities

Who can register .es domain names?

Anyone/any company can register .es domain names on a first-come, first-served basis, however, everyone/every company has to provide an ID number from a government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, tax ID card, company registration number, VAT number).

NOTE: If the registrant of the domain name is an individual, the domain name registrant and its administrative contact must match.

Domain names can be up to 63 characters, with a minimum of three characters, and can contain letters (a to z), numbers (0 to 9), and hyphens (except at the beginning, end, or third and fourth characters in the domain name). You cannot register domain names with special characters such as & and #.

NOTE: If you want to associate a phone number with your .es domain name, you must use the following format: +1.########## (notice the period following the 1).

Which registry controls .es domain names?

Nic.ES is the registry for .es domain names.

For how long can I register .es domain names?

The minimum registration length for .es domain names is 1 year and the maximum is 5 years.

When do .es domain names renew?

Your .es domain name must renew prior to its expiration date. The renewal date depends on whether you manually renew it or let us auto-renew it.

You can manually renew your .es domain name in the Domain Manager when it is within 1 year of expiration. For more information, see Renewing Your Domain Names.

If you do not manually renew your domain name, we attempt auto-renewal 54 days prior to its expiration date. If our auto-renewal attempt fails, we re-attempt auto-renewal 45 days prior to expiration. If our second attempt at auto-renewal fails, we make a final attempt 35 days prior to expiration.

If our final attempt to auto-renew the domain name fails and you did not manually renew it, we will park your domain and you must redeem it. There might be a redemption fee. See Recovering Expired Domain Names for redemption instructions.

Can I transfer .es domain names to my account with you?

Yes. See Transferring Domain Names to Us for information on the transfer process. Note that .es transfers are unique in three ways:

  • The domain name does not have to be unlocked to be available for transfer.
  • The Admin-C (PCA) receives an email containing approve and cancel links and has up to 10 days to approve or cancel the transfer. If the Admin-C approves the transfer within 10 days, the transfer is complete.
  • Due to registry limitations, no extra registration time is added to a .es domain name when you transfer it to us.

How do I transfer .es domain names from you to another registrar?

The same registry rules exist as with transferring a .es domain name to us. Check with your new registrar for exact information on beginning the transfer process. The domain name does not need to be unlocked to be available for transfer.

Can I add privacy and protection to .es domain names?

Neither Domains by Proxy nor Protected Registration is offered for .es domain names.

Can I backorder .es domain names?

We do not support the backorder of .es domain names at this time.

Can I move .es domain names to another account with you?

Yes, but there are limitations. When you move a .es domain name, the registrant's first name, last name, and company name cannot be changed.

Can I update the contact information for .es domain names?

Yes. For more information, see Updating .es Domain Name Contact Information.

Are there nameserver requirements for my .es domain names?

No. Any valid nameservers can be used with .es domain names.

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