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Editing CSS with Website Tonight

With Website Tonight®, you can edit template styles and color themes using the Advanced Style Editor. You can do this by editing the CSS, or cascading style sheet, for your Website. It is recommended that you have experience editing cascading style sheets before using the Advanced Style Editor. CSS is a language that defines how an HTML file is formatted. This is generally used to determine the appearance of text by specifying elements such as font, font size, and color. With Website Tonight, you can edit your template CSS and color scheme CSS.

To Edit CSS Files

  1. Log in to your Website Tonight account.
  2. From the Design menu, select Advanced Style Options.
  3. From the CSS File list, select one of the following:
    • Theme (selected by default) — Your website template. This option will display if you are using a CSS based template.
    • Colors — Your website's color scheme. This option will display if you are using a CSS based template.
  4. From the Read only view of CSS file section, highlight and copy the text you want to edit, and then paste it in the Edit view of CSS file section.
  5. From the Edit view of CSS file section (bottom section), make your edits to the text.
  6. Check the Use Modified CSS box, and then click Apply to apply the CSS edits. Your Website won't reflect your edits until you select Apply.
  7. Click OK to save your edits.

    For information about changing the template or color scheme of your website, see Changing the Template or Color Scheme of Your website.

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