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Guide to Formatting Messages with Workspace Webmail 6

Composing a message in Workspace Webmail 6 is a lot like using a word-processing application. For help getting started, see Composing Messages with Workspace Webmail 6. There are lots of features. Once you know what they are and how to use them, you'll have no problem getting your point across.

Font Family and Font Size

The default settings are Arial and 10 pt. But you have several options for font and size.

Text and Background Color

Select the text you want to change. Background color works like a highlighter.

Bold, Underline and Italic

Select the text you want to change. It works just like a word processor.

Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Press Enter after each list entry, select all the text, and then click the style of list you want. To undo it, select the list, and then click the feature you want to undo.

Decrease and Increase Indent

Select the text you want to modify, and then move it farther it in or out. It only changes the text you selected.

Insert Image Inline

Put your cursor where you want to add an image, and then find it on your computer.

Insert/Edit Link

Select the text you want to make a hyperlink, and then enter the URL.

Remove Formatting

Select the formatting you want to undo. It only changes the text you selected.

Spell Checker

Check the spelling of the entire message or only the text you select.

Block Quote

Select the text you want to make a block quote. These are commonly used to display text from another source, such as a textbook.

Paste from Word or as Plain Text

This lets you preserve formatting you applied, other than custom fonts, to text in Microsoft Word®. Pasting as plain text clears the formatting.


Select the text you want to align. It only changes the text you selected.

Insert/Edit Table

Place your cursor where you want to insert a table, or highlight one you need to edit.


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