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RSS Schedule and Email Settings

  • After you've imported your feed, and designed your RSS campaign, you can set the details of when, how, and to whom your RSS email sends.

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    From your RSS page, under the feed you just imported, click Settings.

    1. Set interval

    1. Choose the number of hours, days, weeks, or months between RSS email sends.

      Your RSS campaign sends only when there’s a new post. For example, if you select 1 Days for a daily send, but only post 3 days a week, your RSS email will also only send 3 times a week. If there's no new content when Email Marketing checks your feed, no email gets sent.

    2. Choose the time of day you want your RSS email to send.
    3. If you don't want your RSS email to send on certain days of the week, next to On any day of the week, click Edit. Check the days of the week you want the RSS email to send, and clear the days you don't want an email to send.
    4. Click Continue.

    2. Pick subscribers

    1. Click Ad a list..., and select the subscriber list you want to send the RSS email to. You can add as many lists as you want.

      If a subscriber is a member of more than one added list, they will only receive a single copy of each RSS mailing. Read more about overlapping subscribers.

    2. If you want to include folks who are not on the added lists, under Want to send it to any more people?, type their email addresses.
    3. Click Continue.

    3. Email details

    1. Enter the From Name and From Email you want to display on your RSS email.
    2. Enter the Subject for your RSS email. This will be the subject line for each RSS email that sends.

      You can use the macro (post_title) to insert the most recent post title, dynamically. For example, if the Subject field says Daily Updates From Me: (post_title), and your latest post is called Hello World!, then your next RSS email subject line will be: Daily Updates From Me: Hello World!

    3. Make sure Enable link tracking is checked. If it isn't, you won't get any stats from any RSS email send.
    4. Check Automatically format RSS feed for clean display, if you want make your email easier to read, and drive traffic to your Website.
      1. Includes only the first image in your post.
      2. Truncates each post at 1,000 characters.
      3. Adds a "Read more..." link back to your blog article, automatically.
      4. Removes all other formatting, HTML, images, etc.
      5. If you want to include the full post from your RSS feed in your emails, leave this option unchecked.

      No matter what the 'clean display' settings are, Email Marketing is still only pulling your RSS feed content. If you have specific settings on your feed, that only show an excerpt of your post -- or already includes a link back to your Website -- the 'clean display' is not recommended for you. You want to show your entire feed content.

    5. Select the social networks you want to include sharing options for, at the top of the RSS email. Read more about social sharing options.
    6. Click Save this Schedule.

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