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Requesting Domain Name Appraisals

You can request free, instant appraisals for your domain names on our website or in the Domain Manager.

Appraisals help you identify your domain names' worth by providing estimates of the current market value. For more information, see About Domain Name Appraisals.

Requesting Appraisals on our Website

Regardless of whether you have an account with us, you can request domain name appraisals on our website. Within a few moments, you can view and print appraisal certificates, but our system does not save the information for future reference.

To Request Appraisals on our Website

  1. Go to our home page.
  2. From Domain Names, select Domain Name Appraisals. The Instant Domain Appraisal window displays.
  3. In the field, enter up to 20 domain names you want to appraise, one per line.
  4. Click Instant Domain Appraisal Agreement. The Domain Name Appraisal Service Agreement displays in a new window.
  5. Read the agreement, and then select I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below.
  6. Click Submit. Your Domain Appraisal certificate displays in a new window.
  7. Optional: To print a copy of the certificate, click Print certificate.
  8. To appraise additional domain names, click New Appraisal, and then repeat the process.

Requesting Appraisals in the Domain Manager

If you have an account with us, you can request domain name appraisals in the Domain Manager. At any time, you can view and print your appraisal certificates.

To Request Appraisals in the Domain Manager

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
  3. From the Buy/Sell menu, select Appraisals. The Appraisals page displays.
  4. Click New Appraisal. The Add Domain Appraisal window displays.
  5. In the Domain name(s) field, enter the domain names you want to appraise, one per line.
  6. Select the Domain Name Appraisal Service Agreement to indicate you've read and agree to it.
  7. Click OK. A confirmation message displays.
  8. Click OK.

    NOTE: It can take a few moments to complete your appraisal. You can click to refresh your Appraisals list.

For information about viewing and printing appraisal certificates, see Viewing Appraisals in the Domain Manager.

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