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Adding Domain Templates in Simple Control Panel

To Add a Domain Template

  1. Log in to Simple Control Panel. For more information as to how to do this see How do I access my Dedicated Server using Simple Control Panel?
  2. In the System Configuration section, click the Domain Templates icon.
  3. Click Add New Template.
  4. Create a domain template by supplying the following information:

    Add Template
    • In the Template name text box, enter the template name.
    Website Features
    Select the appropriate checkboxes. Checking the Enabled checkbox enables the corresponding functionality. Checking the User-configurable checkbox allows a domain user to configure the functionality.
    • Webalizer gives you a hyperlink from which you can access the generated statistics page.
    • SSI enables server-side includes (SSI) for this domain, which allows for the dynamic generation of content.
    • CGI allows the use of CGI scripts for the domain.
    • FrontPage installs FrontPage Server.
    • ModPerl enables Perl server-side scripting for the domain.
    • ModPython enables Python server-side scripting for the domain.
    Resource Limits
    Leaving a text box in this section blank prevents an upper limit from being assigned.
    • Subdomains allowed is the maximum number that can be added to a domain.
    • Email accounts allowed is the maximum number that can be added to a domain.
    • Maximum email account quota (MB) is the maximum Inbox size allowed. NOTE: Leaving this entry blank is not recommended.
    • Mailing lists allowed is the maximum number of lists that can be added to an email.
    • MySQL databases allowed is the maximum number of such databases that can be added to a domain.
    • PostgreSQL databases allowed is the maximium number of such databases that can be added to a domain.
    Login Defaults
    • Disk quota (MB) is the maximum user disk space available. When this space is filled, the user is unable to upload additional files.
    • Enable SSH enables user log ons through Secure Shell (SSH).
    • Enable FTP enables user log ons through File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
    To specify who has the ability to manage the domain, select one of the following options:
    • Administrators
    • Simple Control Panel group (existing)
    • Simple Control Panel group (new)
  5. Click Save.

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