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Creating and Managing Email Folders

To help you manage your email, Workspace Webmail lets you organize your message in folders. When you create folders, they display alphabetically beneath your Workspace Webmail default folders (Inbox, Bulk Mail, Drafts, Send Later, Sent Items, and Trash).

To Create Folders

  1. Log in to Workspace Webmail.

    You can only create folders from your webmail login. You won't be able to create folders if you log into mobilemail.secureserver.net

  2. Click New Folder.
  3. Enter a Folder Name, and then select the folder's location from the As a sub-folder of menu.

To move messages in to a folder, do one of the following:

  • Click and drag the message into the folder that displays in Workspace Webmail's list of folders.
  • Select or open the message, select the folder from the Move to Folder menu, and then click Move.
  • If you are forwarding or replying to a message, select the folder from the Send & File menu that displays while you are composing your email.

To Manage Folders

  1. Log in to Workspace Webmail.
  2. Right-click the folder, and then select one of the following:

    On a Mac laptop or Chromebook: Use two fingers on your trackpad to right-click. Using a 1-button mouse: Hold the CTRL key while clicking.

    • New Mail Notice — If you use the Workspace Webmail Notifier, select to turn the folder's new mail notification on or off.
    • Auto Purge — Select the frequency that this folder automatically purges all of its email.
    • New Subfolder — Create a new folder as a subfolder of the folder.
    • Move Folder — Move this folder within your Workspace Webmail's list of folders.
    • Rename Folder — Enter a new name for the folder.
    • Delete Folder — Remove this folder and all of its contents from your Workspace Webmail.
    • Mark All as Read — Mark all emails in this folder as "Read," so that they do not display as new messages.
    • Move Messages — Move all of a folder's messages to a different folder.
    • Sort & File — Let Workspace Webmail move emails into folders for you, based on your current folder use.
    • Purge Messages — Permanently delete all messages in the folder.
    • Options — Select the folder's behavior:
      • Thread Messages — Display messages in threads, which displays messages and their replies next to each other.
      • Long Listing — Display a user's email address and name, if available.
      • Show To Column — Display a column showing the email's original recipient.
      • Unread At Top — Display your unread emails above all others.
      • Flagged At Top — Display your flagged emails above all others.
    • Properties — Display your folder's Quota Used and Message Count.

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