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GoWebsite Upgrading Databases to MS SQL 2012

We're migrating Web & Classic shared hosting customers using MS SQL databases to a newer version MS SQL — 2012. This can impact your account in two ways:

Changing your database's IP address

If you connect to your database through an IP address, which we don't recommend, it will no longer work when your database is moved to MS SQL 2012.

Instead, we recommend using your database's host name, which you can find using Viewing Your Database Details with Shared Hosting Accounts.

Your database's hostname is not changing.

Discontinued MS SQL features

MS SQL no longer supports the following features:

Feature Category Replacement
WITH APPEND clause on triggers Database objects Recreate the trigger without WITH APPEND
RAISERROR in the format RAISERROR integer 'string' Transact-SQL Rewrite the statement using the current RAISERROR syntax
*= and =* Transact-SQL syntax Use ANSI join syntax

Next step

Impacted feature you use Next step
None No action necessary
Using your database's IP address Start using its hostname
Discontinued MS SQL features Amend your code using the guidance in this article

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