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Installing an SSL Certificate in F5 BIG-IP Loadbalancer

After your certificate request is approved, you can download your SSL and intermediate certificate from within the SSL application. For more information see Downloading Your SSL Certificate. Both of these files must be installed on your Web server.

You may also download the intermediate certificate from the repository.

When downloading your certificate, select Apache as your server type.

To Install SSL Certificates

  1. Launch the F5 BIG-IP Web GUI.
  2. Under Local Traffic, select SSL certificates.
  3. Select the name you assigned to the certificate under General Properties.
  4. Browse to the your_domain_name.crt file that you received from us.
  5. Click Open and then Import.

Enabling Your Intermediate Certificate Using BIG-IP Loadbalancer v.9

  1. In the Web GUI, select Local Traffic, then SSL certificates, and then Import.
  2. Under Import Type, select Certificate, and then Create New.
  3. Enter "Starfield" as your certificate name.
  4. Browse to the sf _bundle.crt file that you received from us, click Open, and then click Import.

To Enable Your SSL

  1. Create or open the SSL Profile for the certificate.
  2. Under Configuration, select Advanced.
  3. Select the SSL certificate (public/private key pair) that you installed at the beginning of these instructions.
  4. Under the Chain, browse to the "Starfield" (sf_bundle.crt) file that you imported in the previous step, then Save and Exit the configuration.

Using Your SSL Using an Earlier Version of BIG-IP Loadbalancer

  1. Inside of your SSL account, download the primary (your_domain_name.crt) and intermediates bundle ( sf_bundle.crt ) certificate files.
  2. Move your primary and intermediate certificates to the BIG-IP device. This can be done via FTP.
  3. Rename your primary certificate from your_domain_name.crt to your.domain.name.crt and copy it to the /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/ folder.
  4. Copy the intermediates bundle (sf_bundle.crt ) to the /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/ folder.
  5. Restart the proxy using these commands:

    # bigpipe proxy <IP Address>:443 disable
    # bigpipe proxy :443 enable

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