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What are Managed Backups?

Making sure your data is backed up is an important part of running a successful Website. We offer a service called Managed Backups to handle this task for you.

To help you decide whether this service is right for you, we put together the questions people typically have.

General Questions

How does it differ from an FTP Backup Account?

A Managed Backup account allows us to backup content from your VPS or Dedicated Server to an off-site location. You are not able to access these backups to recover your data; however, you may ask us to restore your data at any time.

An FTP Backup Account allows you to create your own backups which can be stored in an off-site location. You have access to the FTP Backup account and can restore this data at your own convenience. An FTP Backup Account is not managed, and therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that backups occur.

Do I have to re-provision my server?

No, we do not require a reprovision. Any current VPS or Dedicated Server customer may purchase the Managed Backup plan. We will install the necessary software to your server to make the backups. However, the VPS or Dedicated Server must be located in one of our US data centers.

What happens if my server fails to backup?

If you also have Managed Hosting or an Assisted Service Plan, our Managed Hosting Support reviews and correct the failure to ensure backups are successful. However, if you do not have Managed Hosting or an Assisted Service Plan and only want our Managed Backup feature, it is your responsibility to troubleshoot incidental backup failures after our initial configuration.

Our support team will provide you information for you to troubleshoot these issues. If you are unable to troubleshoot incidental backup failures, our support team can troubleshoot the issue for an additional fee.

Do I have to purchase Managed Hosting?

No, you do not have to purchase Managed Hostingto qualify. You may purchase the Managed Backup plan and still retain the responsibility of server administration.

What We Back Up

What content does Managed Backups retain?

Our Managed Backups create a copy of all non-system data which is not in use on your server. If a file is in use during the time of our backup, it will not be processed. Please keep in mind that files which are in use are typically being updated or modified, and therefore, a backup would not be reliable.

A Managed Backup is not a mirror/image of your server.

Are my databases backed up?

By default, your MS SQL/MySQL databases are not backed up. This is because they are typically in use while we back up your server. We recommend that you configure your server to dump the contents of the database to an unused directory specifically for your databases. We recommend, automating this task by using a cron job in Linux or a Scheduled Task in Windows.

How do I access my data?

Because we store the backups on an off-site server, you will not be able to access the data we have backed up. However, you can contact the Managed Backup Support Team to process your restore request.

Can you provide me a list of backed up data?

Unfortunately, we cannot create a list of files we have backed up. However, we can provide you with a restore of the files we have backed up for your review.

What happens to my backup if I cancel my plan?

If your server is canceled or you choose to remove the Managed Backup plan, we will keep one full backup for 14 days after the cancellation. If you need this data, you will need to purchase a new server with Managed Backups, or re-add Managed Backups to your server.

The Restore Process

How do I restore my data?

You can contact the Managed Backup team via phone or chat to submit a restore request. We will collect the needed information to submit your request. Please have ready the date and the specific data you want us to restore.

Are my restore requests limited?

No, you will have the ability to request unlimited restores.

Does a restore request overwrite my current data?

No, we will not overwrite your current data. We will restore the requested content to an empty folder you can access. It will be your responsibility to move the content and overwrite any data.

How long does it take?

Data restoration can take 24-48 hours to complete, depending on how much data there is for us to restore. The more data there is, the longer it will take to recover.

Can my data be restored to another server?

No. We are only able to restore your data to the same server from which it originated.

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