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Which Templates Are Best for Larger Product Pages?

With Quick Shopping Cart® some product pages are larger than others. To optimize how those pages display, you must select a template for your store that is at least 650 pixels wide.

  • For instructions on setting up a product page, see Walkthrough: setting up a product . For instructions on selecting a template, see What is going to happen to my free Quick Blogcast account?.

  • Use the table below to determine if the template you want will support the larger product pages.

    Category Template Name Width (pixels)
    Military Service Digital Marine 785
    Generic Shop - Spotless 785
    Generic Shop - Winter Light 785
    Generic Shop - Granular 750
    Creative and Design Daily Grind 750
    Events and Parties Festive 700
    Creative and Design Blurb 700
    Creative and Design Griddy 700
    Generic Accent 700
    Home and Garden Moonlight 700
    Auto and Transportation Drift 700
    Generic Shop - Sorbet 700
    Generic Shop - Bright Idea 700
    Generic Shop - Plain Jane 700
    Generic Shop - Colour Block 700
    Generic Shop - Impression 700
    Generic Shop - Simplicity 700
    Résumé Classic Résumé 700
    Generic Chroma 700
    Health and Fitness Personal Trainer 700
    Military Service Blue Water 700
    Clothing Boutique 700
    Generic Dark Twilight 700
    Sports Self-Defense 700
    General Business Office Space 700
    Political Homeland 700
    Home and Garden Orchid Blossom 650
    Restaurant Downtown Pizzeria 650
    Auto and Transportation Dirt 650
    Creative and Design Hello World 650
    Family Crocolog 650
    Creative and Design Pretty Things 650
    Generic Shop - Modern Hue 650
    Résumé Deco Résumé 650
    Résumé Contemporary Résumé 650
    Military Service  Carrier 650
    Industrial Woodworking 650
    Generic Glass 650
    Home and Garden Squeaky Clean 650
    School and Education Prep School 650

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