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What is CGI?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI extends the capabilities of a Web server...

What is FastCGI?

FastCGI is an extension to CGI that efficiently manages CGI processes for better...

Reinstalling the Default Scripts Directory on Linux Shared Hosting

Reinstalling the default directory updates your hosting account's scripts directory...

What is the path to sendmail on my Linux hosting plan?

The path to sendmail on our Linux hosting servers is: /usr/lib/sendmail

Disabling FastCGI in Your Hosting Account

You can disable FastCGI in your hosting account by adding the following code to your...

Do you offer any pre-made CGI scripts that I can use on my hosting account?

Our Linux Shared Hosting accounts include CGI and come with a form-mailer script. This...

Specifying an Email Address for the CGI Form-Mailer

To use our CGI form-mailer, you must specify an email address where you want the...

Using the CGI Form-Mailer

You can use the CGI form mailer depending on the type of hosting account you have. For...

Do I need to change the permissions to files in my CGI directory?

Yes. CGI scripts must have 705 or 755 permissions to work correctly.

How Often Does Your Form Mailer Send Mail?

Our form mailer sends mail at the following rates: ASP - every 10 minutes...

Does your CGI service support socket connections or socket modules?

Our CGI service does not support the creation of socket connections or socket modules....

Where do I upload my CGI scripts and applications?

Server-side scripts and executables can be uploaded to any directory on your Website and...

Which programming languages do you support with CGI?

Our base CGI language support on Deluxe and Premium Linux shared hosting includes the...

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