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Integrating with Website Builder V6

To establish Website ranking, and determine how your Website appears in search results, search engines look for meta tags, a robots.txt file and a Websitemap file. Search Engine Visibility V1 helps you optimize this information to increase traffic and make your Website easier to find.

Typically, you manually add this information to your Website by editing and uploading files. If you use Website Builder V6, however, you can automatically send the information you created when setting up your Search Engine Visibility V1 account.

To send Search Engine Visibility V1 information to Website Builder V6, both products must be in the same customer account. We recommend you backup Website Builder V6 before you send information from Search Engine Visibility V1. For more information, see Backing Up or Restoring Your Website.

To Send Search Engine Visibility Information to Website Builder V6

  1. Log in to your GoWebsite account.
  2. Click Search Engine Visibility V1.
  3. Click Manage for the account you want to access.

    CAUTION: You might have multiple Search Engine Visibility accounts for a single Website Builder V6 domain. If you do, use the same Search Engine Visibility account when sending information to Website Builder V6. Otherwise, you might unknowingly overwrite meta tags, robot.txt, or your Websitemap with incorrect information.

  4. From the Optimize menu, select any of the following:
    • Optimize Tags — Complete the fields for the settings you want to export to Website Builder, and then click Publish All Pages.
    • Control Crawling — Complete the fields for the settings you want to export to Website Builder, and then go to Get File and select Export to Website Builder.
    • Create Website Map — Complete the fields for the settings you want to export to Website Builder, and then go to Get Website Map and select Send Website Map to Website Builder.
  5. Log in to your Website Builder V6 account and follow the prompts to import the SEO information.
  6. Publish your Website.

After importing the information, you can modify it. Launch the Page Designer, select the Page tab, and then go to the Properties icon.

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