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Receiving Files Through Email with Online Storage

Email files directly to your Online Storage account with the Dropbox feature.

Files emailed to your Online Storage account save to the Dropbox folder, which displays under your Home folder.

To receive files in your Dropbox folder, email them to you@onlinefilefolder.com, where you is your Dropbox email address. You can configure your Dropbox email address using the instructions below.

To Enable your Dropbox

  1. Log in to Online Storage.
  2. Go to the Settings tab, and then select File Settings tab.
  3. In the Set Dropbox Options section, select Enable Dropbox, and then complete the following:
    • Dropbox Email — Enter a Dropbox email address.
    • Enable remote delivery ID — (Optional) Restrict who has permission to send files to your Online Storage account using this option. Select Yes to require an ID to send a file. To allow anyone to send files to your Dropbox, select No.
    • Remote Delivery ID — (Optional) If you enabled the remote delivery ID, you must specify a word or phrase for senders to use when sending you a file. Senders must use the word or phrase as the subject of their email to send files to your Online Storage account.
    • Overwrite action — Select to replace any existing file of the same name with the file you are receiving, retain or leave any existing file of the same name as the file you are receiving. With this option, the new file will not be uploaded to your Online Storage. Or, if a file exists with the same name, rename the file you are receiving by adding a 1 to the end of the filename.
  4. Click OK.

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