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What does Web Store Design include / exclude?

We have two plans to choose from, and our Professional Web Services team can help you determine which plan best suits your needs. The Professional Web Services team constructs each page of your website using the images and text that you supply. If you buy a Deluxe Web Store plan, we will work with you to create custom graphics.

Standard Deluxe Cannot Do
Store Framework
Product Insertion 10 products, one image per product 20 products, one image per product
Additional products, product photos, or product details Call for quote Call for quote
Configuring taxes X - Why?
Setting up shipping options X - Why?
Adding an SSL X - Why?
Configuring payment options X - Why?
Setting up a merchant account X - Why?
2000 words per page X X
25 form fields* X X
25 hyperlinks per Website X X
Images and Videos
20 images or videos** X X
Free favicon X
Invoice graphic X
Invoice footer design X
Welcome graphic X
Logo resizing X
Image touch-up*** (20 images) X
Placeholder category design X
Coded Buttons (3rd Party HTML that you provide, such as affiliate links)
10 per Website X X

* For customized drop down fields, every 5 items counts as one field.
** Thumbnails or copies of images count as a separate image on Web pages, thumbnails are included for the shopping cart
*** Resizing, cropping and lighten or darken to create a uniform look

Add-on Services

Theme Refresh
Add a holiday or sale message and look to your shopping cart. Contact the Professional Web Services team for more information and pricing. This service is available with Deluxe Web Stores only.
Image Manipulation
Clean up product photos. Services include: Background removal, adding shadows, image restore (remove dust and scratches), making a uniform size, and adjusting brightness. Contact the Professional Web Services team for more information and pricing.
Additional content can be added as needed for an additional fee.

Why can't / won't the Professional Web Services team:

Configure my taxes?
Collecting taxes for online sales depends on multiple variables. The taxes you configure could vary depending on where your merchant account provider is located, where you are located, where you ship from, and where your customer has purchased from. Because of these variables, we cannot configure your taxes for you and recommend consulting a lawyer or an accountant.
Set up my shipping options?
Setting up your shipping is an individual matter that depends on what you are shipping, how you want to ship it, and your bottom line. Different shipping companies (USPS, UPS or FedEx) may be better suited for your customers or products. Some shipping options require you to measure your product sizes and specify the box sizes you plan to use. Because of these factors, we cannot assist with creating shipping options.
Add my SSL?
Due to security procedures, we're not able to attach an SSL to your storefront. But don't worry, setting up an SSL for your Web Store is an easy five-step process. For more information, see Adding an SSL Certificate and Website Seal.
Configure my payment options?
Web Store supports a number of different payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal™, PayPal Express™, Chase Paymentech™, personal checks, cash, purchase orders, and cash on delivery (COD). We support credit card processing through online payment gateways as well as through point of sale (POS) transactions using your existing payment processing account.

Configuring these options requires handling sensitive financial data. It is in your best interest to configure these options yourself.
Set up my Merchant Account?
Applications for a merchant account require that you provide information such as Social Security number or Tax ID, bank account numbers, and other information that is considered highly sensitive. To keep your personal information safe, we cannot set up merchant accounts on your behalf.

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