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Managing Orders

Orders are assigned and organized by invoice number. You can view and search for invoices on the Quick Shopping Cart® Manage Orders page. From this page, you can process orders for shipping, create shipping labels, add notes to the order, and various other individual and bulk order processing tasks.

All order processing begins from the Manage Orders screen. See Searching orders for information. Some tasks can be processed in bulk — that is, multiple orders can be processed at once. Other tasks can only be processed one order at a time.

Bulk Order Processing

These processes can be used on multiple orders at once.

  • Export Orders — Export one or more orders to an Excel® spreadsheet file. Select the orders to be exported, and then click Export Orders.
  • Print Invoices — You can preview and print one or more invoices, allowing you to enclose a copy of the invoice along with an order shipment. Select the invoices to be previewed/printed, and then click Print Invoices.
  • Address Labels — Add one or more shipping labels to the shipping labels list for subsequent printing or download to Excel. Select the invoices to be added to the shipping label list, and then click Add to Address Labels.

    If you're ready to print or export the labels, click Visit the Address Labels page, and then click Download to Avery or Download to Excel.
  • Shipping — Select Edit Shipping Information to review and enter tracking numbers and ship dates for multiple orders, or select Mark as Shipped to mark selected orders as shipped. For more information, see Processing multiple shipments
  • Archive — Select Archive to archive orders you no longer want to view or factor into your reports. These might include orders you create for testing or canceled orders. For more information, see Managing Archives in Quick Shopping Cart.

Individual Order Processing

You can use these processes on individual orders.

  • Block IP — If you determine that a particular order is fraudulent, you can block the IP address where the order originated. Click to update the order, click Block IP, and then click OK.
  • Print Preview — You can preview an invoice. Click to view the order, and then click Print Preview.
  • Print Invoice — You can print an invoice. Click to print the order, click Print Invoice, and then specify the printer.
  • Resend Email — You can resend an order confirmation. Click for the desired order, and then click Resend E-Mail.
  • Process Payments — Orders purchased through PayPal®, PayPal Express, Chase Paymentech, or a payment gateway are automatically processed: You must manually process orders purchased by other means:
    • Processing Print and Call — When you receive payment on a Print and Call order, you can indicate that it's paid. Click for the order to be processed, in the Payment Information section, click Completed.
  • Update Shipping — You can update shipping information for an order. Click to process the order, in the Shipping Information section, update package information or click Completed to indicate that the order has shipped.
  • Print Address Labels — Use this option to print shipping or other labels. Click to process the order, in the Address Information section, select the address(es) to be exported, and then click OK.

    TIP: Update Billing and Shipping Information here by clicking Edit.

  • Add Notes — You can add notes to the order. Click to process the order, in the Admin Notes section, enter notes on the order, and then click OK.

You can enable fraud rules that automatically check specific criteria and verify authenticity when shoppers place a credit card order. If the order violates the fraud rule, we do not process the order. See Managing fraud rules for information.

To view a list of blocked IP addresses, from the Manage menu, in the Orders section, select Fraud Blacklist to display a list of the IP addresses that are currently blocked.

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