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Why can't I combine coupons in Quick Shopping Cart?

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When combining coupons, Quick Shopping Cart® allows a product to be discounted once.

If two coupons discount the same product, the coupon that offers the best discount to the entire order is used. When this happens, Quick Shopping Cart displays a message to the customer explaining that only one coupon is being used and that the best discount has been applied.

Customers won't be able to combine coupons when they:

  • Use an order-level coupon and a product-level coupon. The order-level coupon applies to all products, so the product-level coupon won't be used, unless it offers a better discount.
  • Use two category-based coupons—for example, one for Men's Shoes and the other for Best Sellers. One of the products ordered is listed in both categories. Only the coupon that offers the best discount is applied.

    TIP: If you are creating a Best Sellers category because you want to offer a deeper discount to products in that category, you could use a product-based coupon that applies to each product in the Best Sellers category. Product-based coupons can be applied to up to 250 different products.

  • Use two product-level coupons that apply to the same product. Only the coupon that offers the best discount is applied.

NOTE: The combining-coupon option is only available on Deluxe and Premium plans.

You can always apply a free shipping coupon with any other coupon.

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