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Customize Your Navigation Menus

Website Builder lets you customize how your website's menu navigation links display, including their style, orientation, and alignment.

  1. Log in to your GoWebsite account.
  2. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to the account you want to use.
  3. Click Edit Website.

    If your website does not yet have a navigation menu, get started by dragging the Navigation tool from the left-hand toolbar onto any page.
    Navigation Icon

  4. Click on your website's menu/navigation pane (without clicking any of its links) and click Settings.
    Click the navigation pane (but not any of its links) and then click Settings.
  5. In the Navigation Settings window, use the Options section to:
    Use Options section to set menu's orientation, alignment and spacing.
    • Set the orientation of your navigation links with the first two buttons to display a Horizontal Menu or a Vertical Menu.
    • Align your navigation buttons or text labels using the next two buttons.
      Use the menu to choose the alignment for your navitation buttons Use the menu to choose the alignment for your navitation text labels

    • Turn on/off equal spacing for your navigation buttons or labels using the section's last button.
  6. From the Theme menu, select the theme you want to use for your navigation.
  7. In the Font section, you can change the font style and size of the text in your navigation menu.

    Changing the font and size of the text in your navigation does not affect the font and size of the text in the submenus. You cannot change the submenu font.

  8. Click the boxes in the next section to change the color for the text and background elements of your menu buttons: Text, Hover (text) and Selected (text); Background, Hover (background) and Selected (background). Click the color you want to display for each of the six buttons (though you don't have to set them all) and click Select.
    Pick a color and click Select.

    Click Advanced to specify a color using Hex, RGB or HSV values.

  9. If you need to change the order of your menu items, add submenus (sometimes referred to as sub-navigation), or add a new menu item, click Edit Menu.
    Click Edit Menu to change its order or add items.
  10. Edit your menus (more info). To abandon your menu edits and revert to your previous settings, click Revert to original. Otherwise, click Save, and close the window.
  11. Take a look at your new menu's appearance.
    The menu with its new settings.
  12. If you want to tweak it, go back to Step 4. Once you're happy with the results, click Publish to update your Website online.

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