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Organize Pages with Navigation Menus

With multiple-page Websites, a navigation menu at the top of every page helps visitors find their way around. If you have lots of pages, add submenus.

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. Click Edit Website.
  3. Click on your website's menu/navigation pane (without clicking any of its links) and click Settings.
    Click the navigation pane (but not any of its links) and then click Edit.
  4. If your website does not yet have a navigation menu, click the Navigation tool in the left-hand toolbar and the menu is added to the page.
    Click navigation icon

  5. Use Edit Menu to drag and drop your pages in the order you want them to appear in the navigation menu.
    Click and drag menu items to rearrange their order
  6. If you need to add more navigation/menu links, click Add link, enter a page title in the new, blank field and use the Destination menu or field to link the menu item to a new page.
    Use the Destination menu or field to link the menu item to a page
  7. To hide a menu (e.g. a sales page), click that item's eye icon.
  8. To create a submenu, click that item's indent icon. Or click on a menu item's dotted grid and drag the item under and to the right of another menu item.
    To create a submenu, click and drag a menu item under and to the right of another menu item.
  9. Click Save to apply the changes and close the Edit Menu window.
  10. Take a look at your new menu.
    Take a look at your revised menu before clicking Publish.
  11. If you need to change it, start again with Step 3. Once you're happy with the results, click Publish to update your Website online.

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