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Account Access Levels of Permission

Account Access lets owners give other users access to supported products in their accounts without exposing their passwords, as well as control what those users can do in your account by setting their Access levels.

This article explains what the different Access levels do; if you're looking for instructions about managing users' Access levels, see Change a user's Account Access access level.

Account Access provides four different access levels:

Icon Access level Description
Manage Products
& Purchase
The accessing user can access your products, as well as make purchases using your stored credit card or bank account.
Manage Products The accessing user can access your products but cannot make purchases.
Account Connection Only The user cannot access your account, but their profile remains active in your account so you can grant them access again at a later date.
No Access/remove relationship The user cannot access your account and their profile is removed.

Here's the list of what the active Access levels will and won't let you do:

Account Management
Launch Supported Product
Control Panels (more info)
  ✔   ✔ - -
Full Access to Products1   ✔   ✔ - -
Purchase with Stored Payment Method   ✔ - - -
Manage/Add Payment Methods - - - -
Cancel Products - New   ✔   ✔ - -
Cancel Products - Setup - - - -
Manage Account Access - - - -
View/Change Customer Account Info - - - -

1 All products besides domain names provide customers full access. Domains have special limitations detailed below.

Purchase Domain   ✔ - - -
Manage DNS/Nameservers & Forwarding   ✔   ✔ - -
Transfer/Unlock Domains - - - -
Change Contact Info - - - -
Manage Automatic Renewal - - - -
Domain Aftermarket - Buy   ✔ - - -
Domain Aftermarket - Sell - - - -
Respond to Domain Buy Service - - - -
Manage Backorders - - - -
Access Investor's Edge - - - -

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