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Compose and Send Your First Campaign

Here's a crash course in composing an Email Marketing campaign, and sending that campaign out as an email.

Compose a campaign

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Compose button on the right of your Dashboard, to begin a new campaign.
  3. Change the campaign title in the Untitled Campaign field.

    The campaign title is different than the subject line of the email. This Campaign Title is for your own, internal use.

  4. Upload a banner image to your gallery to brand your emails.
  5. Drag your banner image into place.
  6. Make your banner image clickable, by adding a URL. Click on the pencil icon on the top right corner to add your link.
  7. To structure your email layout, do the following:
    Actions What it does . . .
    Add a text module Click the Text module button to add a text module to your campaign. You will begin in Edit mode, with a series of tools at the bottom of your text module. You can format text into a Heading, or Subheading, make it bold, or add a link. Switching to Preview mode will allow you to see how your text module will look, but you must switch back to Edit mode (by toggling the Preview/Edit button, or clicking on the text you want to edit) to make any changes.
    Add an image module Click the module button that says Image to add an image module to your campaign. Once the module is added, you can drag an image from the gallery on the right, into your module. You must upload an image to the gallery, before you can drag it into your image module, for use in your campaign.
    Add a mixed module Click either button that is a combination of Image and Text, to add a mixed module to your campaign. These modules will hold both an image and text, side-by-side. The order of the words on the button, is the order of the content from left to right.
    Add a section titles Use the Section Title button to add a Section Title module. This is a special module that will only display your Section Title text type.
    Add dividers Dividers work the same way as Section Titles (and all modules). A cool way to get a custom divider is to use an image module and drag your custom divider design (if you have one) into the image box. For this you need to add an image module, instead of the standard Divider module.
    Change the module type You can click on the module type dropdown menu at the top right of each module to change the module type to something else. This works well for seeing if a righthand side or lefthand side image looks better in the mixed modules.
    Rearrange your modules You can use the Drag tool (just click and hold) to drag content up and down. You can also use the menu to flip modules around (for example, to reverse image and text positions).
    Customize the look with Styles Styles control the text settings, and all colors for your campaign. You can change color settings and text settings using the Styles tab on the right. Click the Styles tab, next to the Images tab. Choose one of the pre-set styles, edit them, or create your own.
  8. Once you're finished creating your email campaign, click Continue.

Send your campaign as an email

  1. Fill in the Send to individuals field with individual email addresses. Or, if you've already added contacts to your subscribers, select the list you want to send to.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Fill out the details under the Mailing Details tab, including 'from' name and address, subject line, and if you want to include social sharing options.
  4. Click Send.

Next Step

Your email is on its way! If you've sent it to yourself, you can see it soon, in your own email inbox. You can look at the results of your campaign mailings in the Stats area.

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