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Create a Table of Contents

You can add a table of contents to your campaign, using an HTML link structure known as named anchors. You can use a bunch of HTML constructs in your campaigns, in addition to this one.

Let's imagine you have a campaign with four or five sections in it, each of which is fairly long. It's not inconceivable that some users may not want to read the entire thing, and would like to just jump to the sections that interest them. Here's where your clickable table of contents comes in handy.

  1. In your composer, add a new text module.
    If it's at the bottom of the campaign, grab it by the drag handle, and put it at the top.
  2. Enter your list of contents in the text module.
    In this example we'll make it an unordered list, but you can use any type of styling you want. Some people prefer a single line with pipes ( | ) in between the items, and others like a numbered list.
  3. Turn the list into links.
    1. Select the text for an item (excluding the asterisk, if it's an unordered list), and click the Link text button.

      named anchors, click link tool
    2. In the Link to: field, enter a hashtag (or pound symbol), followed by a keyword for that section.

      named anchors, filling in the #link

      For example, if my section was called Things You Must Know, I might choose Things for my hashtag keyword. So, in the link field, I would enter: #Things.

      Do not use any spaces, at all, in the hashtag link.

    3. Click Save.
    4. When you're finished creating your links, each item should look something like this: [Table of contents item](#keyword)

      named anchors, [Table of contents item](#keyword).

      For example: [Things You Must Know](#Things)
  4. Add links to the destination sections in your campaign.

    If you are using section title modules:
    1. Scroll to the first section title, and click Edit. If you only see Preview for the section title, you're already in edit mode.
    2. Without highlighting anything, click the Link text button.
    3. In the Link to: field, enter just your keyword for the corresponding item in your table of contents.

      named anchors link name here

      For example, if this was my section Things You Must Know, I would enter Things in the Link to field.

      Don't include the hashtag in the section title link!

    4. Click Save.

    If you are not using section title modules:

    1. Scroll to the first text module, and place your cursor before the title text.
    2. Type <a name="keyword"></a> in the first line of the text module. Your keyword must match your hashtag keyword from your table of contents.

      named anchors a name

      For example: <a name="Things"></a>

      Don't include the hashtag in the HTML a name tag!

  5. Test your table of contents.
    Make sure to save your work, and then click Preview at the top right of the composer. You can test your table of contents links, and make sure they all link to the right sections.

    named anchors, huzzah!

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