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Express Email Marketing Has Been Replaced by Email Marketing

Express Email Marketing has gone away. Your account has been upgraded to our new Email Marketing product.

Your active contacts, demographics, interest groups, images, and social media profiles were all moved over to your new account.

Only your contacts with the status of Active will show in your new Email Marketing active subscribers area. Your contacts with any other status are still moved, but they can be found in your Suppressed list. This is because it's only the active contacts that are safe to send campaigns to. Trying to send mailings to contacts with any other status can result in high bounce rates, and damage to your sender reputation.

Your old Express Email Marketing account is no longer available.

There is absolutely no charge for the upgrade. And your renewal date will stay the same as it was, before.

Using your new Email Marketing account

There are a few terminology differences between the two products. It’s pretty much all the same stuff, just under a different name. And there are also a few features that do work differently.

Old Express Email Marketing New Email Marketing
Contacts Subscribers
Interest Groups Lists
Demographics Personalization Fields

The composer works differently in Email Marketing. Arrange different module types in any order to create your layout. You can format text within the modules, and adding images is drag-and-drop from your gallery, on the right. There are not stock images available in Email Marketing, but you can upload any images you have.

You can add subscribers to your account by uploading a file, pasting a list, or individually. You will need to add new subscribers before you send a campaign.

Sending a campaign is a separate step from composing. When you’re ready to send, you can set all the mailing details, like subscriber lists, subject line, social share options, etc.

When you send your first campaign through Email Marketing, you will see a pop-up window, asking you to tell us how you've gathered your subscribers. Please enter as much detail as possible, and click Submit. Keep an eye on your account email address inbox for a response. We'll either need more information, or let you know that your mailing is on its way! This verification process is quick, and helps to keep our Email Marketing servers sending smoothly.

You can send any campaign to any of your subscribers as many times as you want. You don’t have to copy the campaign to send it a second time. Just click Send from your Dashboard. You can also schedule a mailing to send at any point in the future.

Your subscriber status is now represented in your lists. You can see bounced, and unsubscribed subscribers in your Suppressed list.

Make your emails social. You can include links to your social profiles within your campaigns, and encourage your readers to interact socially with your campaigns. You can also share your campaigns anywhere on the web.

Signup forms are different, too. You can connect a signup form to a subscriber list, so everyone who signs up is put in that list. Your advanced options (like single or double opt-in, landing page URL, and confirmation email settings) are all in the panel on the right.

You can’t add attachments to campaigns. This is because it’s not only bad practice to attach files, it's an industry-wide standard for bulk emailing. Your emails will get caught in spam filters, if they have attached files.

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