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Account Access

Account Access lets account owners give other users access to their accounts – without revealing their passwords.

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Account Access Articles

Turn off Two-Step Verification

Follow these steps to turn off two-step verification. The steps are different...

Which products support delegate access?

People who have delegate access to another person's account can manage the following...

Delegate Access: Levels of Permission

When you invite other people to access supported products in your account, you can set...

Accept an Invitation to Access Another Person's GoWebsite Account

If you receive an email from GoWebsite saying that someone has given you access to...

Remove a Delegate User from Your Account

When you give someone delegate access to your account, you can remove them at any...

Request Access to Another Person's GoWebsite Account

If you need to help someone manage a GoWebsite account, you can request delegate...

Change a Delegate's Access Level

If you gave someone access to your account through Delegate Access, you can change...

What is Delegate Access?

Our Delegate Access feature lets GoWebsite customers securely share access to their...

Delegate Access vs. Account Administrators

Customers can no longer create Account Administrator relationships. (These were also...

Give Others Access to My GoWebsite Account

You can give access to your GoWebsite account to another person, such as your web...

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